1. Foreword

Dear Readers,

Emmi is passionate about manufacturing high-quality dairy products with a tradition dating back more than 100 years. Our purpose – the best dairy moments, today and for generations to come – guides our actions and the way in which we develop our business, brands and portfolio responsibly in the long term. The consistent implementation of our strategy and differentiated market positions with innovative brand concepts and a balanced country and product portfolio form the basis of our successful business model. Emmi is backed by more than 9,000 employees who put their heads, hearts and hands into delivering the best dairy moments every day.

The company was founded in 1907 as a cooperative with the aim of relieving dairy farmers in Central Switzerland of the daily uncertainties of marketing their milk and ensuring them a reliable income. This community-oriented approach is still firmly anchored in the company today. Neither its transformation into a public limited company in 1993, nor the IPO in 2004 nor its continuous internationalisation have ever called this basic idea into question.

As a company that acts in the interests and for the benefit of a community, Emmi has always thought about what corporate responsibility actually entails, how it relates to economic success and how to ensure a healthy balance between the expectations of all parties. While social responsibility towards dairy farmers is intrinsic to the company and Emmi played a key role in supplying the country in the first decades of its existence, other aspects of sustainable entrepreneurship were only introduced later.

In the 1990s, Emmi began to actively promote environmental protection, initially focusing primarily on the environmental impact of its own facilities. Since then, the company has steadily expanded this commitment. Today, Emmi is responsible for the entire upstream and downstream value chain of its products.

We have made our long-standing commitment to sustainability an integral part of our enhanced corporate strategy. Based on the Emmi sustainability model and our netZERO target, we aim to develop our business in a resource-efficient, environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner.

Transparently demonstrating how Emmi actually fulfils this responsibility has formed part of the company’s commitment to sustainability for over ten years. Following a comprehensive report on Emmi’s commitment to sustainability in the seventh sustainability report in spring 2023, this report on non-financial matters focuses on the aspects now required by Swiss legislation. Non-financial matters are only a subset of the topics identified as material for us and on which we already provide comprehensive information. Concrete, effective and essential measures are increasingly being developed with reference to this additional perspective in order to better understand the interactions in a complex production system and to realise improvements along the value chain.

The Emmi Group’s value creation system involves tens of thousands of farming families in rural areas, thousands of suppliers of goods and services and 9,000 employees. We want to ensure that milk, a valuable food, will remain accessible to people for decades to come as something they can enjoy on a daily basis.

Urs Riedener

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ricarda Demarmels