7. Appendix

7.1 Report on child labour due diligence

Assessment of legitimate reasons for suspicion of child labour

Emmi does not fall under the exceptions of Art. 6 and 7 or 9 of the Ordinance on Due Diligence and Transparency with respect to Minerals and Metals from Conflict Areas and Child Labour. Emmi assessed the risk of child labour and came to the following conclusions: 

Risks within the Emmi Group

On the basis of the internal audits in the production plants, there are no justified indications of the use of child labour.

Risks within the upstream supply chain

According to section 5.4 Respect for human rights of the report on non-financial matters, risks to child labour in particular must be monitored in a targeted manner and any suspected cases must be investigated.

Child labour due diligence measures

In 2023, Emmi reviewed the suppliers of its subsidiaries. The review included key suppliers with regard to their risk classification in accordance with the “Children’s Rights and Business Atlas”. Eleven suppliers with an obvious risk of child labour were identified (China, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Mali).

These suppliers were subjected to in-depth research. The suspicion of human rights violations in general and child labour in particular could not be substantiated in the case of the identified suppliers.

7.2 Report on the handling of minerals and metals from conflict areas

Assessment of legitimate reasons for suspicion of minerals and metals from conflict areas

Emmi does not import or process minerals or metals from conflict areas. Emmi is therefore exempted from its duty of care and reporting obligations with regard to conflict minerals and metals.