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Mastering the entire supply chain

We create added value for our business, our milk suppliers and the environment by maintaining a regional focus within a Group-wide supply chain.

We operate around 50 production sites of all sizes across eight countries, ranging from artisanal specialists to facilities producing basic and premium products. To ensure that our products always reach store shelves in a fresh, safe and top-quality condition, and that our processes are efficient and as environmentally friendly as possible, we manage and optimise our entire supply chain – from milk suppliers to transport and production, and right through to supermarket shelves or our food service and industrial customers.

Regional approach

Our regional focus and close ties with our farmers and milk suppliers offer numerous advantages. Alongside quality aspects and short transport routes, they also enable us to help generate added value in rural regions in particular.

In Switzerland, more than nine out of every ten litres of the milk we process already comes from sustainable production. In terms of sustainability we also made progress with other raw materials, further reducing the amount of packaging materials we use and switching increasingly to more environmentally friendly and recyclable materials.

Group-wide know-how

We also made further improvements to production methods at numerous locations, allowing us to eliminate redundant inventories and avoid unnecessary journeys by strengthening cross-border cooperation and bundling different activities within our Group-wide supply chain organisation. Our transport operators were also selected for the first time via global and national tender processes.

Other milestones included the introduction of Group-wide procurement guidelines governed by binding standards and a harmonised planning process applicable throughout our entire supply chain. These measures and the commitment shown by our employees played a key role in helping us respond flexibly to the enormous challenges we faced in 2020 and ensured that we were able to maintain our ability to supply at all times. 

ProcureNet 2.0

This strategic initiative is the cornerstone of our new interdisciplinary, Group-wide procurement process and enabled us to achieve further significant savings in 2020 through improved efficiency and transparency.


team across the entire Group

New dairy in Brazil

Our subsidiary Laticínios Porto Alegre built a state-of-the-art dairy for the production of yogurt, milk-based drinks and fresh cheese and a milk powder plant in record time. 

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quality also at our newest plant

New production facility and warehouse in Mexico

The production and warehousing activities of our subsidiary Mexideli, which were previously split between various different locations, have now been brought together under one roof at a new, modern site housing around 400 employees.


location for 400 employees