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Strengthening trust and reinforcing the portfolio

We continue to focus on innovations, strong brand concepts and quality without compromise, while steadily expanding trust in our brands and expanding our portfolio in a targeted manner.

The importance of strong brands and innovations, and of credibility based on considerate practices and uncompromising quality, has been further accentuated by the uncertainties of recent months.

With this in mind, we view the positive performance of our internationally successful brands such as Emmi Caffè Latte or Kaltbach cave-aged cheese as clear proof of the trust placed in our products. It also demonstrates our ability to set market trends, respond quickly to change and implement scalable concepts. 

Robust, agile and increasingly digital

Our differentiated brand and broad product portfolio proved particularly robust in the year under review.

The combination of our international presence built on strong local roots and our teams’ agile working methods enabled us to respond quickly to what were in some cases massive shifts in purchasing and consumer behaviour. We introduced new concepts and formats, adapted our distribution channels and accelerated the expansion of our digital ecosystem. Our Kaltbach specialities, for example, are now available to order online.

Emmi Caffè Latte on the winner’s podium

We released a special edition of our number one brand to celebrate the successes of Swiss ski star Wendy Holdener, while in the 20/21 winter season Emmi Caffè Latte Double Zero offers great taste and an extra kick of concentration at the start gate.


Artisanal specialities from goat’s milk

Our Californian subsidiary Redwood Hill Farm produces and markets artisanal goat’s milk specialities that are as utterly delicious as its new brand identity is beautiful.


Converting trends into growth

Our efforts to develop new concepts and innovations and achieve targeted, profitable expansion of our portfolio continued to focus on defined megatrends and the growth areas associated with them.

Chilled coffee drinks remain one such growth area, and we were able to generate further impetus here with Emmi Caffè Latte through measures such as exclusive special editions and the expansion of the low-calorie and lactose-free range.

With more and more consumers looking to eat a varied diet and increasingly switching to vegan products, we also launched our own range of dairy alternatives under the beleaf brand. We also expanded our range with products such as Emmi Energy Milk that contain high-quality proteins.

From basic to premium and artisanal specialities

In addition to maintaining our successful position in the basic products segment thanks to local brand concepts, particularly in growth markets such as Brazil, Chile, Mexico or Tunisia, we also achieved targeted expansion of our premium and speciality business in our established markets. Examples include Kaltbach in Switzerland, premium desserts from Rachelli in Italy, organic goat’s and sheep’s milk specialities from Leeb in Austria and high-quality organic products from Gläserne Molkerei in Germany.

Our artisanal expertise, meanwhile, is clearly evident in products such as the speciality yogurts and cheeses made from Engadine mountain milk at Lataria Engiadinaisa, one of the highest dairies in Europe.

To ensure that we remain agile and in tune with our consumers going forward in a radically and rapidly changing world, we also continued to invest in developing our teams’ skills and fostering cooperation across countries and functions.

The pandemic has left us in no doubt that the future will be more fragmented and more digital, and that trust in our brands and a differentiated product portfolio remain absolutely vital. 

The three magic ingredients

Emmi Jogurtpur offers 100 % great yogurt taste made from Swiss milk, carefully selected fruit and a little sugar, and is now also available without granulated sugar.


Colourful, vegan, beleaf.

With dairy-free yogurts and drinks and desserts based on almonds, oats or rice, our newest brand offers alternatives for a varied diet. It also has colourful ambitions for the future.


From the cave direct to your home

The cheese masterpieces matured in the Kaltbach cave are now available to order as a gift set via the online boutique: