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Corporate Governance

6. Shareholders’ rights of co-determination

6.1 Restrictions on voting rights and proxies

Emmi’s Articles of Association contain no restrictions on voting rights. A shareholder who has voting rights may only be represented at the General Meeting by a legal representative, another shareholder attending the General Meeting who has voting rights or the independent proxy. Power of attorney and instructions to the independent proxy may be issued electronically.

6.2 Statutory quorum

Unless the law stipulates otherwise, the General Meeting passes its resolutions and performs its elections by an absolute majority of the voting rights represented, not taking into account blank and invalid votes. In addition to the legal exceptions, the resolution concerning the amendment of the provision of the Articles of Association relating to the restrictions on registration (see section 2.6 Restrictions on transferability and nominee registration) also requires at least two-thirds of voting rights represented and the absolute majority of shares represented.

6.3 Convening of the General Meeting

The Ordinary General Meeting takes place annually, at the latest six months after the end of the financial year. It is convened by the Board of Directors. The procedure for convening Extraordinary General Meetings is governed by the applicable legal provisions.

6.4 Agenda

Shareholders who represent shares with a par value of CHF 1 million and above can request that an item be placed on the agenda at the General Meeting. Such requests must be submitted to the Board of Directors in writing at least 45 days before the General Meeting, citing the motions concerned.

6.5 Entries in the share register

The share register is usually closed ten days prior to the General Meeting. The Board of Directors may approve exceptional subsequent entries on request. The effective closing date is published in the invitation to the General Meeting and in good time in the financial calendar on the Emmi website at:
www.emmi.com > Media & IR > Dates