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Corporate Governance

9. Information policy

Investor Relations guidelines: Emmi strives to maintain open and ongoing communication with shareholders, existing and potential investors, and other stakeholder groups. Emmi’s aim is to provide rapid, real-time and transparent information about the company, its strategy and business developments, and to offer a truthful picture of Emmi’s performance in the past and the present, as well as its future prospects. This picture is intended to reflect the assessment of the current situation of the company by Group Management and the Board of Directors.

Methodology: Emmi publishes an extensive Annual Report every year that presents operating activities, corporate governance and financial reporting for the current year, drafted and audited in accordance with Swiss GAAP FER. A half-year report is also published.

Furthermore, media releases are published about events relevant to the share price, such as acquisitions, minority or majority shareholdings, joint ventures and alliances in accordance with guidelines relating to ad-hoc publicity. Important announcements, in particular half- and full-year results, are accompanied by presentations together with press and analyst conferences or analyst calls.

Emmi meets during the course of the year with institutional investors both in Switzerland and abroad, presents its published results on a regular basis, organises road shows and holds meetings with individual institutional investors and groups. The main point of contact for these meetings and presentations is the CFO. The meetings and presentations focus on Emmi’s financial results, its strategic orientation and the current initiatives of the Group.

Emmi uses the Internet in order to ensure rapid, real-time and consistent distribution of information. The company’s website features an electronic information tool that enables shareholders and other interested parties to add their names to an electronic distribution list:
www.emmi.com > Media & IR > News service

Media releases and investor information can be accessed via the following link: 
www.emmi.com > Media & IR > Media releases

Notifications to SIX Exchange Regulation of participations that exceed the level at which notification becomes obligatory can be found via the following link:
www.six-swiss-exchange.com > Market data > Shares > Quotes > Company: Emmi AG

Contact for Investor Relations:
Emmi Management AG, Corporate Communications & IR, Landenbergstrasse 1, P.O. Box 2570, CH-6002 Lucerne, Phone +41 58 227 50 69, E-mail ir@emmi.com, www.emmi.com 

The General Meeting will take place on 11 April 2019. All registered shareholders will receive an invitation to the General Meeting by post.

The next business results (2019 half-year results) will be published on 28 August 2019.