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Corporate Governance

2. Capital structure

2.1 Share capital

Emmi’s share capital amounts to KCHF 53,498.

2.2 Authorised and conditional capital

Emmi did not create any conditional or authorised capital in the reporting year, and there is no conditional or authorised capital from previous years.

2.3 Changes in capital

An overview of changes in capital for the years 2014 to 2017 can be found in the section Statement of changes in equity of the financial statements of Emmi AG

2.4 Shares and participation certificates

The share capital of Emmi comprises 5,349,810 registered shares with a par value of CHF 10 per share. Only one category of registered share exists and no participation certificates exist. Each share carries the right to one vote. No preferential rights exist. The shares are fully paid up.

For further information on shares, see section Share information Emmi AG.

2.5 Dividend-right certificates

No dividend-right certificates exist.

2.6 Restrictions on transferability and nominee registrations

There are no restrictions on the transfer of registered shares of Emmi. The only precondition for entry in the share register and hence for the exercise of voting rights is a declaration on the part of the purchaser that the shares have been acquired in their own name and for their account. No other registration restrictions exist.

The registration of fiduciaries/nominees without voting rights is permitted. On request, the Board of Directors shall decide on the registration of fiduciaries/nominees with voting rights on a case-by-case basis. No fiduciaries/nominees with voting rights were entered during the year under review, nor did the Board of Directors approve any other exceptions for entry in the share register.

2.7 Convertible bonds and options

Emmi has no convertible bonds outstanding. Furthermore, neither Emmi nor other Group companies have issued options on ownership interests in Emmi.