Productive employees with integrity are the key factor in Emmi’s success. They enable objectives to be met through their commitment, mutual respect and honest business practices. In this way, they contribute to the sustainable growth of the Group. Remuneration is only one part of the overall reward: respect, meaningful work, responsible organisation of the working environment and opportunities for further development are just as important.

The Board of Directors supports employees and thus the corporate strategy with an appropriate remuneration policy, i.e. one that is performance-focused and in line with market conditions and that incorporates the company’s commercial development. Basic remuneration should reflect the requirements, skills and responsibilities of the respective role, as well as the performance and conduct of the employee. In addition, it should provide income security. The variable remuneration component at management level strengthens shared responsibility. It focuses performance and conduct on sustainable business development and provides the opportunity to share in the company’s success.

The Board of Directors firmly believes that the aforementioned factors improve and reward job motivation while at the same time reflecting Emmi’s corporate values. It therefore considers a share and option programme to be unnecessary at present, also with a view to a simple and transparent remuneration system.

With regard to the remuneration of the company’s management, Article 29b of the Articles of Association of Emmi AG states: Remuneration of members of the Board of Directors, Group Management and any advisory body should be adequate, competitive and performance-based. In addition, it should be determined in accordance with the strategic objectives and success of the Emmi Group.