1.Group structure and shareholders

1.1Group structure

The organisational structure of the Emmi Group is shown below.

The Emmi Group is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange through the holding company Emmi AG (headquartered in Lucerne, hereinafter referred to as "Emmi”). The group of consolidated companies contains only non-listed companies.

For market capitalisation, securities number and ISIN number, see section Share information of Emmi AG (Emmi Annual Report 2022).

For consolidated companies, see Summary of consolidated companies, associates and joint ventures in note 30 of the consolidated financial statements.

1.2Significant shareholders

For significant shareholders, see section 2.5 Share capital and significant shareholders in the Notes to the financial statements of Emmi AG.

ZMP Invest AG, Lucerne, Zentralschweizer Käsermeister Genossenschaft, Sursee, and MIBA Genossenschaft, Aesch (canton of Basel-Landschaft), form a Group in the sense of Art. 121 of the Swiss Financial Markets Infrastructure Act (FinMIA) and hold 60.5% of the total voting rights. As at 7 June 2016, Capital Group Companies, Inc., Los Angeles, USA, reported a holding of 268,500 registered shares of Emmi AG (5.019%). No further disclosure notifications have been made since.


There are no cross-shareholdings with other companies that exceed 5% of capital or votes on both sides.